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Five ‘Don’t-leave-home-without-them’ Estate Plan Documents

  When it comes to long-term planning, everyone’s family and financial situation is unique. There is no “one-size-fits-all” formula that applies to the masses, which is why it is so important to obtain advice from an experienced estate planning attorney about your particular circumstances.  However, there are some basic estate plan documents that every adult […]

Five Reasons to Call Your Estate Planning Attorney

Estate planning attorneys try not to feel unloved or neglected. We realize that, although our clients like us, they don’t always enjoy talking to us. The conversations we have with our clients are sometimes difficult, filled with talk of illness, death, taxes, and challenging family situations. These are emotional topics that many people would rather […]

Five  Conversation Starters for the Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is often a time when family members both young and old come together to eat too much good food and watch too much football.  What better time to start a discussion about estate  planning than Thanksgiving, when the family is gathered together?  Here are five questions to get the conversation started. Have you planned […]