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Our attorneys have been out and about in the community, speaking about the importance of estate planning and continuing our education series on matters related to our practice areas.

In November, all of our attorneys attended the Massachusetts Bar Association’s day-long Probate Law Conference, which is always an informative event.  This year’s highlights included the Probate Court’s move toward electronic filing of probate documents and further clarification of the best way to ensure clear title to real estate passing through the probate estate.  Additionally, Attorney Greenfield chaired the annual Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education Program, “The MassHealth Process from Application to Approval,” in Boston.

In December, Attorney Baler gave a presentation on Powers of Attorney at the Westwood Senior Center in conjunction with our new community partner, the Honoring Choices program (see separate article on this program).  Attorney Greenfield testified at a public hearing in Worcester regarding changes to proposed MassHealth regulations (see article on proposed changes).

February 2017

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