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Congratulations to Your High School Graduate!


Summer is now in full swing after the end-of-the-school-year excitement and celebrations for recent high school grads!  Many parents will soon begin the process of preparing their young adult for college, including spending lots of time (and money!) at Bed, Bath & Beyond purchasing items for the dorm room, classes, and extracurricular activities.   In the frenzy of preparations don’t overlook the three legal documents that are vital estate planning for these young adults.  The basic estate plan for young adults should include a Durable Power of Attorney, a Health Care Proxy and a HIPAA Authorization.  These will ensure that parents have the legal authority to make financial and health care decisions for a child who is ill, injured, traveling, or residing outside of the country.

At Samuel, Sayward & Baler LLC we want to make it easy for our clients and their families to put these estate planning documents in place. After discussing this with your child, please contact Jennifer Poles at 781-461-1020 or to schedule a telephone call between your young adult and me. During the call, I will collect information, describe the documents, and guide your child through the necessary decisions. I will meet with your young adult to review and sign the documents. Mention that you read this article when you contact Jennifer and you will be entered into a raffle for a $100.00 gift card to help with some of those pre-college purchases.

Completing an estate plan before going to college is a tradition in my family – my grandfather had my mother complete an estate plan and my mother had me do the same when I was 18 years old.  I would be happy to assist you and your young adult with starting (or continuing) that tradition!

July, 2018

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