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Your Will is an important component of your estate plan. If you need help writing a last will and testament it is important to consult a lawyer for wills and trusts who will help you review the areas of your estate plan that your will covers.

Your Will allows you to:

  • Name the person who will serve as the Personal Representative (formerly called ‘Executor’ in Massachusetts) of your estate
  • Designate guardians for your minor children
  • Direct how your tangible personal property will be distributed
  • Instruct your Personal Representative to sell real estate, if you wish
  • Direct your Personal Representative with respect to distribution of your assets
  • Include important provisions regarding payment of taxes and expenses

To learn more about why it is important to have an up-to-date Will in place read Attorney Maria C. Baler’s article, Five Reasons to Write a Will…Today!

To schedule an appointment with an attorney to create a Will or to review your existing Will, contact Samuel, Sayward & Baler LLC by phone at 781/461-1020 or by email using our Contact form.