Estate & Gift Tax Planning

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Proper estate planning involves more than ensuring your assets pass to your intended beneficiaries. Reducing or eliminating state and federal estate taxes is a priority for many clients. After learning about your estate planning goals, we can assist you in creating an effective estate plan geared toward the minimization of estate and gift taxes.

In the course of planning we will:

  • Help you determine if your estate will be subject to federal estate tax – currently imposed on estates of $11.2 million (in 2018) or more
  • Help you determine if your estate will be subject to Massachusetts estate tax – for estates of Massachusetts residents in excess of $1 million or those who own real estate in Massachusetts
  • Advise you about planning options, including lifetime gifting and the transfer of wealth at death in ways that will allow you to reduce or eliminate the estate taxes that will be due at death
  • For many families, proper planning can eliminate or significantly minimize the estate taxes that will be payable at death.

To schedule an appointment with an Estate Tax planning attorney, contact Samuel, Sayward & Baler LLC by phone at 781/461-1020 or by email using our Contact form.