Veteran’s Benefits

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Many veterans are under the impression that they must have sustained a service related injury to be eligible for veteran’s benefits. However, veteran’s benefits also are available to veterans who were not wounded during service and to the spouses of such veterans who meet certain criteria.

A Veteran’s Pension, sometimes called Aid and Attendance:

  • Provides income to veterans or the spouse of a veteran who has medical bills and meets certain other criteria.
  • Can be especially valuable to veterans or their spouses who are residing in an assisted living facility or in a nursing home.
  • Can provide a monthly income benefit as high as $1,900.00 a month.
  • May be available to a veteran (or a spouse of a veteran) who served at least 90 consecutive days in service, at least one day during a period of war, was honorably discharged, and meets other eligibility criteria.

To learn more about the Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefits, click here to read Attorney Suzanne R. Sayward’s article, Five Facts to Know About Veterans Aid and Attendance Benefits…Today!

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