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Five Reasons to Create a Revocable Living Trust as Part of your Estate Plan

By Attorney Maria Baler (November 2010) Although Trusts are commonly used in estate planning, these documents are confusing to many. To shed some light on this subject, the next three articles in this series will focus on Trusts. In this article we will discuss the basics and importance of a Revocable Living Trust. Next month, […]

Five Facts You Should Know About 401k Plans

By Steven Joshua Samuel, JD, MBA, AIF® (October 2010) Recent changes in the law and U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) rules about 401k plans provide opportunities and more information for employees. Companies offering 401k plans will soon be required to provide more easy-to-understand information about 401k plan fees, investment choices, and investment expenses to their […]

Five Facts to Know About Real Estate Transactions and Your Estate Plan

By Attorney Maria Baler (August 2010) Real estate transactions happen with increasing frequency these days, and while real estate can be easily transferred or mortgaged, it is important to seek advice from a qualified professional to adequately protect your property and maintain the integrity of your estate plan. For example, transfers of real estate between […]

Five Important Facts to Know About Health Care Documents

By Attorney Suzanne Sayward (July 2010) In my law practice, clients often tell me about the difficulties they face in dealing with health care issues for family members. These stories include instances of not being able to get information about an elderly parent’s condition, confrontations with doctors or other caregivers about appropriate treatment, or being […]

Five Common Retirement Planning Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

By Steven Joshua Samuel, JD MBA, AIF® (June 2010) With the economy still struggling to gain momentum, the stock market often fluctuating dramatically day to day, and people leading increasingly complex lives, it’s more important than ever to plan carefully for retirement. Over the past several years it’s become challenging for many families to set […]