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Social Security Benefits Q&A: Five Facts You Need to Know

By Steven Joshua Samuel JD, MBA, AIF® For those of us in or near our 60s, thinking about retirement brings up positive images as well as some anxiety about how to make important financial decisions, especially about Social Security benefits. Fortunately, there are two excellent sources of information that will provide guidance and answer many […]

Five Things to Know About Divorce and Estate Planning

Estate planning is all about protecting assets from perceived risks – sometimes referred to as “predators and creditors.”  Threats to your estate include taxes, long-term care costs, potential lawsuits, and divorce.  One statistic that is often bandied about asserts that 50 percent of first marriages end in divorce.  A divorce can impact the divorcing parties’ […]

Another Celebrity Fails Estate Planning 101

The tragic death of talented actor Philip Seymour Hoffman apparently from a drug overdose last month continues to make the news, most recently with the revelation that his ‘estate plan’ was woefully outdated and inadequate for his personal situation.  Even though Hoffman had minor children and scads of money, his estate plan did not include […]